2011 Acura TL Preview and specification with prices

Written By nyit on Saturday, April 30, 2011 | 11:48 PM

2011 Acura TL Preview and specification with prices
Either way one cannot go wrong with both the cars. Both the Acura TL and the BMW 325i have their own pros and cons. As far as the BMW 325i model is concerned, it is perfectly balanced. It has the best automatic transmission in the market, the shifts works smooth and also has perfect RPM range for quick responses.

Acura TL Performance

On the other hand the Acura TL is also a great car with quickness and raw speed, which is lacking in the BMW 325i.

Acura TL Features

The engine, transmission, AC, leather seats, value and highway driving in the Acura TL overtakes BMW 325i, while the features like exterior styling, stereo, xenon headlights and two-tone paint overtakes the TL version.

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