Lincoln MKT - replaces the Town Car

Written By nyit on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | 7:46 AM

It’s no secret to most of the Lincoln faithful that sacrilege has been committed as the Town Car will be discontinued. Its platform dates to the late ‘70s and is overdue to join chauffeurs in the sky. In the place of all those black Town Cars at the airport and proms nationwide will be a MKT Town Car.

“Livery operators are looking for a leading livery solution that is reliable and stylish, and the new Lincoln livery and limousine solutions fit the bill in every capacity,” said Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. “The new MKT Town Car will be the best available in the livery industry, working off a solid base as the perfect way to achieve the versatility needed for executive transportation or a night out on the town.”

A higher roofline and reinforced body structure will make entering and exiting the rear quarters easier and will allow up to 10-foot extensions to the wheelbase for limousines and hearses. Short-wheelbase models will be available in front- or all-wheel drive, the later not only great for busting through winter weather, but also standard on long-wheelbase editions.

Passengers will be more comfortable than in any previous Town Car. An additional 1.5” of leg room over standard MKTs and a reclining bench seat are exceptional for weary travelers. They can also work in comfort with a rear compartment USB charging port, 110-volt power socket in the center console, and Wi-Fi hotspot capability for iPads, laptops, and other mobile devices. Audio systems are controlled from the front through Ford’s Sync system or through rear seat controls. Voice activated navigation makes it easy for drivers to plot a quick course.
It seems Lincoln has thoroughly re-thought the limousine. In no time at all, the new MKT Town Car will make you forget there was ever another.

By Casey Williams - MyCarData

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